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Velocity Wheels
    - 810

The 810 is just one of the great wheels we carry made by Velocity Wheels. With our low prices and easy financing you can be riding in style in no time with these Velocity 810 rims on your car.

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17 x 7.5
18 x 7.5
18 x 7.5
20 x 7.5
20 x 8.5
22 x 9.5
22 x 9.5

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Just a few easy steps - Cruise through our site and add your favorite wheels to your wishlist, then fill out the no-obligation mini-application for instant online approval. A sales rep will call personally to quote pricing and guarantee fitment.

What if I have bad credit?

Our approval process is fast and easy. We specialize in those with less than perfect credit so you have a better chance with us than at any other site of getting approved. There are never any hidden fees or penalties for paying off your rims early. Rims financed through us help build your credit.

How long does it take?

We are the only rim and tire financing source in the nation that offers instant online credit approval. No Waiting! Once you've selected your in-stock rims and/or tires, shipping averages just 10-14 days!

Should I Rent-To-Own my rims?

In a word, NO! When people think they want to "rent to own", they really mean they just want easy, low payments. We provide that, and have guaranteed brand new rims with full warranty. Most importantly - You OWN them.

What can I finance?

We specialize in complete rim and tire packages, mounted and balanced ready to install on your vehicle. But, we can also finance replacement tires, or just rims. Additionally, we have a growing selection of electronics and accessory packages.

Why choose Discount Rim Financing?

While there are a few other companies out there financing custom rims, virtually all of their top selling and most knowledgeable sales-reps have come to work for us. This tells you that we are a stable, long-term company, focused on the customer. We will be here for you, now and in the future. Trust the leader.